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Soloing a game is a choice.  It’s my choice.  This site posts information and videos based on my experience with the games I play.  If soloing is your choice too, you may find interesting things here.

The site is divided by game played.

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4 thoughts on “ – Who We Are”

    1. Interesting! I had thought something like this was coming, when they announced Garrisons. Basically Warcraft III within WoW. Or, your own army variant of PvP with 1 player and say 4 followers per side with some default multi-boxer-type commands. Guild Wars 1 did something similar, you could solo the game (meant for 5 person groups) by hiring NPC mercenaries, or you could pay up to $40 to be able to use several of your alts as mercenaries / bodyguards. Any of these would be better than letting Garrisons just rot after WoD.

        1. Agreed!The original Guild Wars not only gave you 3-4 NPC henchmen to fill out your team if you didn’t have one, but you could buy the ability to turn your alts into NPC followers.

          WoW does have a very limited set of pre-canned NPC followers from Garrison barracks in Warlords but you can only pick 1, and for some characters like my Enh Shaman, the follower is past useless. WoW uses a variant of the Diablo3 follower idea.

          Agreed would like to see small army of useful followers in WoW, at least like Guild Wars 1. Thought Garrisons would do that but no. And a PvP version in Legion Champion is not enough either. Would also like to see the GW1 capabilities in GW2!!

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