Druid – Guardian Bear Spec – Dailies in WoD 6.2

My original main and specialization that first got me from levels 1-90, this druid guardian bear tank is like a second skin. She plays like a tuned concert piano.  I have her spells lined up on the number keys to play with both hands, and on a gaming mouse for bosses where she needs to move into their sprites and keep biting the backs of their ankles!

She gets less play these days as her solo tanking style is more intense than the easier Hunters and DK and even the Discipline Priest. Especially after all the nerfs and un-nerfs and nerfs again to the Vengence / Survival stack that heals more the more it is hit.  But only a rogue can match her at stealthing through masses of mobs like these at the Iron Shipyards Docks, although again the hunters camouflage is almost as good if you manage the timeout cooldown properly.

But when the Vengence and Ysera’s Gift healing fits the situation,  she can be near invulnerable and there is nothing like clawing through a whole pile of mobs at the same level as she and coming out unscratched, as this highlight video shows.

You can watch the full video of this dailies run here:

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