WoW New Expansion – Legion Combines Fel Elements of WoD, BC and WotLK – Don’t Stand in the Fel

Wow.  Just finished watching the Legion announcement from Gamescom in Germany, and that’s my first reaction.  Just like the overly quiet wide-eyed audience. No “!”.  Just gobsmacked. Wow.

Blizz, I’m so sorry.  Sorry for the quiet wide-eyed audience reaction, murmuring unsmilingly amongst themselves (one girl was crying, maybe joy, but if not, I know what she felt), sorry for my shocked state, sorry you felt you needed to go fel again, but more sorry for the game. BC again?!! Warcraft 3 Legion Xpac again? Really?!!

I’m so sorry for you, Game of WoW.  I just felt so much of the audience felt the same.  Our fav game is at risk and needs more creative love.

I’ve loved this game. I’ve put a ton of time into it. Seeing this happen and guessing what comes next, makes me sad. But more rehashed content from old expansions just won’t cut it.  The drop-off in subs during WoD has shown it’s not enough.

The Goods:

Tons of Burning Legion demons again, with Gul’dan continuing the WoD plotline, starting in Sargeras’ tomb to bring the Legion back again.  The new DK-like Demon Hunter class requires the player to become a demon to hunt them.  Ugh. Shades of Bloodbourne. Their new double-jump ability got the only real big cheer from the crowd, other than for a couple of cheers for some artifact weapon skins based on old famous weapons like Doomhammer and Frostmourne.  The enemies include bringing back the Vry’kul and Valkyr (now there’s a playable race!) of Lich King, this time fel-influenced. And Dalaran is back as hub city.

More followers to grind, now called Champions but fewer of them and more bodyguard-type with open world interaction.  Also your artifact weapon requires leveling and has its own talent tree that looks similar to the new GW2 specs trees from HoT. PvP points system total revamp that lets you keep resetting your points back to level 50 and regrind again and again, to get badges that show how much you’ve ground and ground. And PvP’ers get exclusive on some of the weapon skins plus some new skins on old PvP mounts like Warhorse.

Class order halls with promised great locations / scenery / features instead of guild halls or more extensive player housing. If this is the way to go then why is Acheron so empty?  If I need to go to a big empty hall, let it be a guild hall so I can have my guildies there, or my own personal guild hall with a reason to be solo there.

But hey, for those of us followers of the Light, there is a new continent: Broken Isles with zones from old Elven, Tauren and Druidic lore with a touch of the much-awaited Emerald Dream.  Hopefully lots of lore answers. We will have nicer weapons and weapon skins, and we will have a big reason to go into PvP to kill those awful Demon-transformed Hunters.

Some of the hoped-for Emerald Dream content did get in, mostly as the Emerald Nightmare raid.

And Dalaran is back as the expansion hub city.  My fav city was still the best-designed crafter hub, but had just gotten stale and too far from action. Hopefully they can fix the lag problems this time!  Not looking forward to one more trip through 1-room Violet Hold though; c’mon Blizz guys did none of you run the Achieves for Red Protodrake with all the trips in there chasing that elusive ichor boss?!

More emphasis on dungeons than raids this time is good especially if they give lore info, but not just Nefarion’s cave vs Onyxia’s cave.  Been there, ground that.

I’ve been honest in the past that BC was my least fav expansion (hated it), Outland my least fav place except for Zangarmarsh and a few bits here and there. And you guessed it, my least fav mobs anywhere: demons.  Most horrible zones in Wow: Outland Shadowmoon Valley and Hellfire Plateau. Worst designed city: Shattrath; at least you knew not to bring that sad and inefficient mess back. Most avoided part for me of WoD: Shattrath City.  Why did Tanaan not succeed as the next fun Timeless Isle? Too fel, too dark, and now already too empty.

After my 3 mains, most of the rest of my 9 high-level characters just flew around Outland for XP, did a couple quests and leveled elsewhere to get to the much better Northrend / WotLK content.

Maybe I won’t get into Beta now this time after writing this but hey, so gobsmacked I had to.  If I do get the chance to play it I will find the bright spots and report on them, and submit bugs and workarounds as in the past.

Tom said everyone around the Blizz office was really into RP-ing as a Demon Hunter. Here’s a tip: don’t stand in the fel, Blizz.  Shake off that fel possession.  Do something new and creative and brighter for THIS game of WoW.  It’s still not too late. Maybe.

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