Porting Alts to Pandaria in WoW

Here’s my solo way to get low level alts into Pandaria, which is normally only accessible by level 85 characters through the Mists expansion’s introductory questline.

See my post on Leveling Alts with Pets in Pandaria for a good reason why to bring low level alts to the faction Shrine. I also like to have my sub-90 alts all hearth to the same home city for consistency, and I used to use Dalaran before Mists because Dalaran is best for crafters. With 6 city portals, the Shrines are more flexible and quicker to get to a wider range of zones.

I used my Mage and my two accounts. Almost all my alts were on the same account as the Mage, so I needed a character on a second account as part of the party, so the Mage could log out and not break the group.

Mage portals last about 10 – 15 minutes after the Mage logs out, which is lots of time for an alt to log in, get invited into the group, and use the portal.

First I needed to get my level 80 Mage to the Shrine (Mages don’t get the Portal to Shrine spell until they hit level 100).  I sat my Mage in the Mage Tower portal room in Stormwind and searched for other Alliance Mages in Pandaria, and whispered each in chat and begged for a port to the Alliance Shrine. Took a few minutes to find a generous person to teleport to Stormwind, group with me, and create a portal to Shrine. Of course I tipped them! I also did this with my Hordie DK who is on another server by herself.

It’s critical to go grab the hearthstone for the Shrine and the flightpoint as soon as you arrive at the Shrine.  Without the hearthstone set to Shrine you can’t get back there from outside Pandaria.

Then I speed leveled my Mage to100 using the battle pet technique in my other post.  It also helps to grab three other flight points in Pandaria to use three  more Grand Master and Timeless pet dailies for further XP:  Valley of Four Winds, Dawn’s Blossom and Timeless Isle. How to get there from Shrine at end of this post.

With a level 100 Mage who has learned the Shrine Portal spell, meet up with a character on your second account in a low level reachable area. I used Dalaran since my lower toons were all hearthed there. Make sure all the alts you will port are already at the spot where the portal will be placed then logged out, to save a lot of time.

The 2nd account character will be the group leader and invites the Mage to group, which Mage accepts. Mage creates portal to shrine then logs out.

An alt from same account as Mage logs in, accepts an invite from the 2nd account character (group leader), then enters the portal. After loading screen, alt lands in Shrine, grabs flight point and then sets Hearth to the inn there. Done.  You can usually do a couple of alts before you need the Mage back to remake the portal.

Don’t forget to have the 2nd account character come through the portal also.  If you have alts on the 2nd account also, make the Mage the group leader and start logging through the 2nd account alts.

How to Get Other Pandaria Flight Points at Low Level

This assumes you don’t have a friend with a two-seater to fly you around Pandaria.

Once a low level toon is in the Shrine, it can get several other flight points by itself as long as it can dodge around mobs and not get 1-shotted by tree birds.  Here’s how:

  • At the shrine, alt takes off all gear that can be damaged, mounts up and rides to the area on the south edge of the zone where the panda ghosts fight the mogu in the Tu Shen Burial Grounds (halfway between Alliance Shrine and Mistfall Village).  Alt is aiming to plant itself on the 4-stone shrine with red ribbon at (45.7, 73.5) right up against the south mountain. If you don’t have stealth, while reaching the point avoid all mogu with full health bars that aren’t fighting.  All the mogu fighting pandas have part health bars and will ignore you. Alt then aggros one of the non-fighting mogu who will 1-shot the alt.
  • Alt appears at the graveyard in Mistfall Village and corpse runs back to alt’s body but rezzes up on the hillside pass above the body.  This gets the alt up to a pass that runs through the mountain into the Valley north edge.
  • Once through the pass be careful to dodge any rodents or birds. There is a path down to the left that goes almost to the water or the alt can find a safe part of the cliff to jump into the water below.
  • Avoiding fish, swim to the south shore of the lake and run carefully up to the graveyard there and down the other side to the road, avoiding any rodents or birds, and mount and run down the road to HalfHill and get that flight point.
  • You can run across the field from the north end of Sunsong Ranch through the grazing herd to the road that leads to the Grand Master pet trainer. Don’t try crossing further south as there are packs of wolves patting around.
  • Getting to Dawn’s Blossom is tougher for a low level. Avoid Pang’s Stead at all costs as the rodents on the roof will one-shot low levels at the flight master. Try to mount run the road straight from HalfHill to Dawn’s Reach.  You will be fine once out of the Valley but most alts will be killed at least once along the road around Thunderfoot Fields by either rodents or wolves. Just re-rez and run hard east.  Once at Dawn’s Blossom get the flight point; you can safely run down the road from there to the trainer outside Jade Temple gates.
  • Once you get Dawn’s Blossom you can work your way to the nearest water that you can safely reach, usually to the east above Jade Temple, and swim down to the south-most island and then across the narrowest point to Timeless Isle. A sea turtle mount or a potion or spell to ride on water is usually required to get past the fatigue area just before the Isle. Get the flight point on the Isle before mounting and running down the main road to the pet daily.
  • I would not bother with the other pet trainers as they are in dangerous areas or require flying, unless you have someone to fly you on a two-seater to Klaxxi’Vess.  Those other trainers also have more RNG involved so may take more time than they are worth.

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