Leveling Alts in WoW Using Pets and Mistfall Village in Pandaria

This may be old news to many, but it may still be useful to some.   It uses the XP from a steady stream of max-level-pet battles and a safe area from other mobs, to quickly level alts from at least as low as level 45 to level 90. Yes it’s very repetitious but can easily be done while watching tv, and at higher levels (80’s) it takes only about 10 battles per alt level. Pretty painless really.

To use this method of leveling, you need at least 2 level 25 battle pets that are good against aquatic pets (Eternal Striders and Dancing Striders are good), ideally rare quality.  You will also be able to quickly level pets here from level 1,  because 5 of the 7 Eternal Striders don’t hit on round 1, so you can put your weak pet in first for 1 round then finish off the battle with your other 2 level 25 pets.

And you need a way to get your low level alts into your faction Shrine in Pandaria.  As a soloist, I used my Mage Portal and my two accounts.  See my post on Porting Alts to Pandaria for details.

The location  is a small field in the South-West corner of MistFall Village in Pandaria’s Vale of Eternal Blossoms.  It is against the mountains on south and west, just south of the Grand Master pet trainer and above the pool where the rare spawns.  It has a steady stream of about 7 Eternal Striders, enough to keep 1 character busy with almost no downtime.

It is easily accessible by alts as low as level 40’s from the Alliance Shrine by mount, just avoid the sha-touched and other mobs and if tagged by a bird, ride past the Mistfall Guard and right into the inn while the guard dispatches the bird. It’s a little tougher from the Horde Shrine, as you need to sneak across the sha area on the west edge of the statues that used to frame the Golden Pagoda. I’ve done that sneak on a level 60’s DK without stealth, without problems.

I’ve not yet found a similar spot in Draenor but I haven’t looked hard for it.  My lower alts are happy in their Shrine as they have portals to the 6 major cities and they can get to all the events, zones etc. that they may need.

I’ve done this approach to speed leveling on 9 different alts, on several servers, both factions, from level 45 all the way to 90, at which point they can go to Draenor on their own, ideally after getting some Timeless gear either directly or from other alts on the same account.

Happy quick leveling!

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