I’ve been soloing World of Warcraft since April 2011. I came into Draenor 6.02 with 9 max level toons over 2 accounts.  I currently have at least 3 level 100 toons across 2 accounts, all with level 3 Garrisons.  My alts cover all crafting and gathering professions at max level.  Many hundreds of battle pets. My Violet ProtoDrake is still my fave mount.

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 since 2014 and have 5 alts, one at level 80, covering all crafts.  It’s a beautiful world to explore, and the avoidance moves in combat make fighting interesting.

I do play a little Hearthstone, enough to get my Hearthsteed to start.  BTW counter to info out there, you can use any 3 wins to get the steed, Arena wins included, so you don’t need to win in Play mode which requires a strong constructed deck to hold your own.

I also play some Entropia Universe, Second Life, Rift, Diablo III and a bit of StarCraft.

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