Creating a Personal Guild in GW2

Check out our new video series on creating a new personal Guild in Guild Wars 2. This was done after “Launch” of Heart of Thorns but before the new Guild content was released, so the old Guild vendors are standing outside the new but closed Guild Initiative building in the new Lions Arch.

First video creates the Guild and begins the steps to get a Guild Vault:

The next day it was time to queue up more research. For now influence still rules, and I had a 4000 influence booster from new account goodies. You can buy influence from one of the vendors.

One of the big reasons to have a personal guild is it’s the cheapest way to get account-wide shared storage space.  Much cheaper than buying gems to expand Material Storage.  You need Architecture Research level 2 to build the 50-slot guild vault, level 4 to build the 150 slot, and level 6 for the Deep Cave.  It takes a few days and a couple thousand influence to get the Vault, a few weeks and a lot more thousand influence to get the Deep Cave.

My alts need the space!  They are so looking forward to sharing more crafted items, Mystic Forge reagents, Black Lion stuff and boosters…

So much easier than creating my personal guild on WoW (another video for another time).

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