Elementalist in Her 20’s – Experience To Date

This profession has grown on me more than I expected.  When I start a game I pick a few different specs that appeal to me and which are either entirely new or related to those I play elsewhere.  Then I see which I enjoy playing more.So in GW2 I picked the Ranger (I have 3 Hunters in WoW), the Mesmer as an odd Mage-alike, Guardian (Paladin), Engineer (odd, but a crafting profession with combat perks in WoW) and this Elementalist which looked a bit like a WoW Shaman.

In WoW the Shaman is a very inconsistent leveler until the 70’s; sometimes you are OP for many levels then you spend 5 levels being whipped by rabbits,  It is cool to have a caster in Medium armor (like Mail) but in WoW the Enhancement Shaman spec was over-balanced to the point of often failing well behind clothy casters in playability.  The joke became, why does only the Shaman have reincarnation – because it needs it more than other classes! So this Elementalist interested me to see if it had the same bursty uneven playability quirks.

But this Norn Elementalist is fun and relatively easy to play so far up to L30.  Her 4 elements play as 4 totally different instantly-switchable specs, and no packs of totems to drop! Her mix of ranged attacks including several targeted powerhouse AoE DoT fire spells, plus some melee defensives, make for interesting interactions with mob groups.  And her graphics in casting are cool!

These videos show her going through her entertaining dance routine while leveling 25-30 and  doing map reveal in Shiverpeaks while doing dailies.


The new Tempest spec announced for Heart of Thorns makes this an even more interesting end-game profession. No wonder a number of high-end GW2 players use an Elementalist as their main.  I look forward to seeing how she does once she grows up and reaches 80.

You can see further videos on this and other professions I play on Youtube and regularly live on Twitch.

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